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Our Values
Mahogany Soul respects and practices trade principles, a conscious capitalistic business model and charitable giving.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for spending a little time on my site.  My prayer is that you found something that you fall absolutely in love with.  I want you to know that each item is handmade by up-cycled or recycled materials found in the home country. Each product is culturally rich, handcrafted, fairly traded and makes a global impact.
Each year I travel to Rwanda, Haiti and Grenada on mission trips with a non-profit I founded in 2010, ThruGuiDANCE Ministries Inc.  While working with street kids in Rwanda, I started to literally fall in love with the craft of artisans.
  My work in these countries is now dual.  Your purchase not only helps end poverty through job creation, but also supports the work of ThruGuiDANCE.  10% of all sales are donated to continue our mission of: empowering marginalized youth and young adults to break the cycle of oppression domestically and abroad through faith, arts, and ethical entrepreneurship.

Your purchase.
Everything is one-of-a-kind.  Everything is handmade.  Everything we sell journeyed across the ocean to find you - imperfections on products make them even more unique.  Embrace them, if you see them.
If you are not super happy with your purchase, it's okay.  You can exchange it within 7 days of delivery.  Just let me know!
Kendal R. Troutman, MBA, MACCS, CYT
Mahogany Soul
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